Master goldsmith Frank McCubbins began his career as a goldsmith in 1974 working as a wax carver and mold maker for a large jewelry manufacturer in Southern California. He then moved to Oregon and worked with several different designer goldsmiths. The poor anatomy he saw in wildlife jewelry prompted Frank to produce a collection of rings and pendants featuring more authentic sculpted animals, which was acquired by Wally Anderson Mfg from Eugene, OR in 1986. These designs are still being manufactured today.

A few years later, Frank accepted an invitation to exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s National Convention, in Seattle, WA. By the 2nd day of the 4 day show he had nothing left to sell. Here he had found a customer base that knew wildlife and appreciated the intricate detail and realism of his sculptures. Today, Frank’s designs truly reflect the love and passion he has for his work. After 41 years, he continues to develop and improve his collection. Frank still hand carves, in exquisite detail, every piece himself, making each sculpture unique.

Frank & Angie with salmon  

Frank & Angie reside in the scenic Hood Canal region of Puget Sound, WA.
They love to fish and are both National Field Archery Champions.

Frank & Angie with archery students

Frank & Angie's 4-H Archery group at
National 3-D Championships in Northern California